Best Pop Playlist for Businesses on Spotify

December 5, 2017
Posted in Spotify Tips
December 5, 2017 Mike B

Are you looking to have Top 40 (Pop) playlist for your Business?

Spotify is a great music solution for businesses. For free, you can have access to 50 million songs at your finger tips, while having the Spotify system automate and shuffle songs of the music styles you want that are appropriate for your business setting.

Use our program, Stopify, to block any songs with potential explicit content!

Even the Hot Hits Canada Playlist that is maintained by Spotify, contains a few songs with the explicit tags. Use our app used for Explicit Songs Playlist Manager and to enjoy this Playlist without worrying about explicit lyrics!

Top 40 (Pop) Playlists

✓ Click any of these playlist bellow to add to your Spotify account!

✓ These playlist are updated weekly, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up-to-date with the latest music!

✓ Nest playlist under a playlist folder to shuffle between all of these playlist.

Use Our Software to Block Any Explicit Songs!