Take back control of your Spotify!

Plenty of features that parents, business owners, spas, salons, hotels and others have always wanted!

Skip specific song titles!

You can specific certain words that you wish to block if they appear in the song title!

Block all explicit songs!

You can choose to block, skip or disable all explicit songs from playing on Spotify!

Skip certain artists!

Don’t like Katy Perry? Neither do we! Add as many artists to automatically skip!

Designed for Windows

Works with Spotify running on the windows desktop software.

Lock your changes!

You can lock the program to prevent children or employees from changing the settings!

Prevent same song loops!

Ever notice the same song playing in a short period of time? Now you can set the program to prevent songs that have already played in any given time you choose!

Automatically start with windows in the task bar!

Open it up only when you need to make some changes!

Purchase the Windows version of Stopify soon!

Available for purchase October 30th’2017


$5 yearly renewal to support changes.

  • Disable all explicit songs!
  • Skip certain artists!
  • Skip certain track titles
  • Lock your settings from children or employees!

Why are we charging money for this program?

Great question! We do not expect a large profit, if any profit at all from this program. There is a only small niche amount of people that would need this product. Unfortunately, it took us months, multiple programmers, a VPS server, website, payment processing system, serial system, a registered business and maybe more things to have this program work. This all cost a lot of money! If you can afford to tip your server at a restaurant $10 for bringing your food to you, you can help us out with the many hours it took to build the program.